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Mao's Tailsock Chasers

Aug 11 '12

The puffypaws otter finally came in yesterday after a long time being in customs limbo. He’s a cutie, very huggable and just the right size. :3 I’ll be taking him along to both EF18 and FC2013. Already it’s clear he’ll see it’s share of action there too.

Otters gotta bounce after all!

  1. rfoxtail said: SQUEAKYOTTER. Why is it I’m always neutral about toys and I don’t really get the burning desire to want one until after they’re shipped to everyone else?
  2. ravenworks said: towering over everyone like some sort of squeaky otter idol<3<3
  3. inflatophin said: Great photos! Looking forward to getting mine :) (The Australian orders are sitting in customs, to be released when we pay tax/duties on them; normally there wouldn’t be any cost, but we have a box of 10!)
  4. apollophoenix said: D’awwwww :3
  5. maootter posted this